T. 23, S. 1 (2006)

Mục lục

Hedge Algebras: An Algebraic Approach to Domains of Linguistic Variables and their Applicability Tóm tắt
NC Ho, VN Lan 1-18
Quarry Evaluation and Control of Bench Blasting Tóm tắt
Sanga Tangchawal 19-26
Equation of State and Thermodynamic Properties of BCC Metals Tóm tắt
Hung Van Vu, NT Hoa, Jaichan Lee 27-42
Effect of Gender on Human Performance under the Impact of a Polluted Mobile Human-Computer-Interaction Environment Tóm tắt
Zulquernain Mallick, MM Hasan, Zahid A Khan, Arshad N Siddiquee 43-53
Numerical Investigation of Turbulent Swirling Flows through an Abrupt Expansion Tube Tóm tắt
S Eiamsa-ard, P Promvonge 55-70
Effect of the Reciprocating Mass of Slider-Crank Mechanism on Torsional Vibrations of Diesel Engine Systems Tóm tắt
MS Pasricha, FM Hashim 71-81
Fine Time Synchronization Algorithm for MIMO-OFDM Tóm tắt
Ky Hong Pham 83-87
Creep Analysis of Bimaterial Microcantilever Beam for Sensing Device using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Tóm tắt
WaiChi Wong, Hing Wah Lee, Ishak A Azid, KN Seetharamu 89-96
Characterisation of Multicrystalline Solar Cells Tóm tắt
AQ Malik, Chong Chew Hah, Chan Siang Khwang, Lim Chee Ming, Tan Kha Sheng 97-106
On a solution to Improve the Object Detection Ability of Radars by Dynamic Polarization Method Tóm tắt
An Quoc Nguyen 107-112
Effect of Fly Ash Particle Reinforcement on Microstructure, Porosity and Hardness in Al-(Si-Mg) Cast Composites Tóm tắt
MB Harun, SR Shamsudin, H Yazid, Z Selamat, MS Sattar, M Jalil 113-122
Detection of Antifungal Compounds in Arabidopsis thaliana and Brassica oleracea by Thin Layer Chromatography Tóm tắt
KP Chong, JW Mansfield, MH Bennett, JF Rossiter 123-131
G-Jitter Induced Free Convection over a Vertical Flat Plate Tóm tắt
Nawaf H Saeid 133-143